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Hamilton County, Ohio

Instructions for Online Swimming Pools -Buildings-Residential


Using the ezTrak Online System:

Read the How to Apply for Permits online - General Instructions for a detailed overview of the ezTrak Process

After identifying the location of the project, you will be presented with the permit selection list. Select the permit type for which you would like to apply.

The Building Code requires a separate permit application for each proposed structure. Retaining walls are the only exception, and can be included on the building permit application.

Please read these instructions carefully at each step, be sure to fill in the required data and continue to the next step.

Before the online permit application can be accepted and a fee payment is requested, this department will verify that the application package is complete. Once verification of information is complete an email will be sent with a request for required fee payment. When the upfront fee payment is received; a permit application will be processed; a number will be assigned; and the application will proceed through the permitting process.

Comprehensive Information and Sample Drawings on Residential Permits available at Department of Building Inspections.

Other related information.

For questions regarding your application call (513) 946-4550.

Instruction for Document Submission.

You MUST attach digital drawings, including site plans and structural drawings in order for the application to be complete.

The required drawings must be submitted electronically within the same day or the application will be voided. (Paper copies may be requested, within a certain time frame, for large applications. THE ASSIGNED CONFIRMATION ID OR THE ASSIGNED PROJECT NUMBER MUST BE NOTED ON ALL PAPER DOCUMENTS.)

You are required to submit paper copies of your digital submission, including but not limited to Construction Drawings, Specifications and the original Zoning Certificate, no later than 3 Working days from this application being accepted. For Paper Documents not recieved by the 3rd Working Day, the Plan Review date will be rescheduled to four additional days of receipt of the paper documents. If the paper documents are not received within 17 working days of this application date, the application will be deemed void and upfront fees will be forfeited.

Requirements for submitting documents:

  1. Site plans for New Single & Multiple Family Residence structures must be sealed by a Registered Surveyor. The survey must have been performed within 180 days of application for building permit.
  2. On commercial applications, the documents are required to be prepared by a Registered Architect and Registered Engineer. Per Ohio law,these documents are also required to be sealed.
  3. All existing and proposed structures must be shown clearly on the site plan including the location, distance to property lines and dimensions of each structure.
  4. Construction drawings for the proposed structure must be provided as part of the application.
  5. Additional Information on Plot/Site Plans.

Learn more about different options for submitting required documents for permit applications


Hamilton County, Ohio