The CAGIS Organization


The mission of the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) is to create a revolutionary computerized information sharing system that enables the fundamental transformation of government and utility service management and delivery. CAGIS is to offer government, utility companies, groups, or citizens a new, intelligent, and cost effective tool to make informed decisions based on shared data within a standard framework.

In 1995 CAGIS established the foundation for automating the functions of government and utilities whose activities create the inventories of sewers, land records, water, drainage, electrical systems, streets, right of way, etc. supporting the community. Having a real-time availability of the graphic and alpha - numeric inventories has been demonstrated as the strategy upon which major cost improvements in line department operations are based. In 1995 CAGIS began the design for the automation of the Permits System for the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County and Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company as the first stage of embedding maintenance of inventory data into the on-going work of employees. The Permits project concentrates on the additions and deletions made to all of the public and utility managed inventories by the activities of the private sector. The goals of the project are to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the permitting services offered the private sector while enabling the real time parallel maintenance of the graphic and alpha numeric inventory databases.


CAGIS is a consortium of the land and infrastructure agencies in the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Cincinnati Bell Telephone and Cincinnati Gas & Electric. The specific departments served within the City of Cincinnati are: Planning, Public Works, Building Inspections, Water Works, Metropolitan Sewer District, Stormwater Management Utility, Real Estate, Park Commission, Recreation, Economic Development, Neighborhood Services, Office of Environmental Management, Economic Development, Fire Department, Public Safety and Health Department. The departments served within Hamilton County are: Regional Planning, Rural Zoning, Building Inspections, Public Works, Hamilton County Engineer, Park Commission, General Health District, Soil and Water Conservation, Emergency Response, and Hamilton County Communications. Any organizational component of the City, County, or private utility consortium enterprise members are eligible to receive CAGIS services.


CAGIS is managed by a ten-member Board comprised of representatives from the City of Cincinnati (Directors of Buildings, Planning, Public Works, and Water Works); Hamilton County (Directors of Administrative Services and the Metropolitan Sewer District, County Engineer and Executive Director/Secretary of the Regional Planning Commission); and Vice Presidents of Cincinnati Bell Telephone and Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company.

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